2019 Members' Exhibit

Juror- Serena Parente Charlebois
Serena is an award-winning photographer specializing in black & white and fine art portraiture.
She is certified by the Professional Photographers of America, and has earned both her Master Photographer degree and Photographic Craftsman degree. She has received national recognition for her ability to capture emotional and natural portraits of children and their families.

"My criteria for jurying a show are first impact, usually emotional and often dynamic, creativity, and then technical excellence in the finished print quality and overall presentation…


1st Place- Hanging Out- Robert W. Easton
The moody and mysterious feeling of this piece had great impact, almost visceral in nature. The blues and browns of the abstract composition created a dark color harmony, while the subtle texture, applied judiciously, added to the complete presentation. This piece is truly a piece of art.

2nd Place- Morning Prayers- Eileen McCarney Muldoon
The strong composition and beautiful print tonality of this piece told the story of this moment, I think invoking a sense of peace. There is great depth from front to back that leads the viewer deep into the piece. The maker had a wonderful control of lighting with just a delicate rimming of the faces to show the subjects peaceful expressions, and to highlight the subtle details within.

3rd Place- Warrior- Helene Scola
The image, The Warrior, seemed aptly named and the photojournalistic style used in this piece told the story of this woman and her character. I kept returning to look at her eyes and the beautiful lines of her face. The total feeling was carried through with the wonderful print quality in the presentation.

Honorable Mention - Singing in the rain - Patricia Cahill Taft
The maker's thoughtfulness of timing and composition for this piece was wonderful! There is so much going on to tell the story, yet the strong leading lines in the composition draw the eye to what is undeniably the subject, perfect placed for best impact! Love it!

Honorable Mention- Goner - Cindy Horovitz Wilson
Goner, portrays such a true bucolic New England landscape. The soft blues and greens create a sense of harmony to the image invoking nostalgia and leading to the point of interest in the composition"






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