Welcome to the 2016-2017 season of excellent images from Guild members. These images have been selected for recognition as indicated.

Carol Chabot Begonia awarded 1st place at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Contest 2016







Photo Guild Annual Exhibition at the Newport Art Museum

First Place NAM 2016 Exhibition, Empreintes de peau
Eric Hovermale  

Judges comments- Sensuous portrait needs no facial features to convey personality.
Subtle skin tones and willful tendrils suggest a dimension of mystery.
Square format strengthens the image.


Second Place 2016 NAM Exhibition, Wetride
Consuela Woodford

Judges comments- Intriguing story in a small composition.
Close inspection is needed, followed by speculation.
Creative use of light and pattern.

Third Place 2016 NAM Exhibition, Maxxiview

Howard Rotblat-Walker

Highly original composition leads the viewer to examine spatial relationships.
Gradations of color transcend the quotidian.

Honorable Mention, Spiral Ascent
Marc Jaffe

A new take on a classic subject. The helix, rendered in rich, burnt sienna, is cropped for maximum effect.



Honorable Mention, Ferry to Knoydart
 Jody Brown

A moment in time captured skillfully. Ambiguous human emotions are communicated.


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