Welcome to highlights of the 2017-2018 season of online images from Guild members.

Displayed are those images selected as outstanding by each judge.

Highlights of the Spring 2018 exhibit

Comments by Paul Murray

1st place image by John Jordan

2nd place by Kathy Caswell

3rd place image by John Jordan

complete spring exhibit here

Fall 2017 comments by Jack Renner

image by Steve Bienenfeld
FIRST PLACE.  Tells a great story!  The proprietor obviously bored out of his mind, and the photo not only captures where he is working but his reaction as well!


image by Carol Chabot
SECOND PLACE.  Very nice with leading lines from canoes.  Some slight highlight burnout, but not a deal breaker.

image by Carol Chabot
THIRD PLACE.  Nice black and white.  Tells a story, but would have been better to crop in closer on the person.  Too much “other” stuff in the image.

To view the entire Fall exhibit, select this link.

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Winter 2018 comments by Frank Leith

image by Sandi King

First Place- Lovely photo that the more I look at it the more I like it. Excellent colors and tones. Very simple and elegant.

image by Richard Perry, Avon Window

Second Place -Very nice abstract with strong lines and shadows. The square opening nicely balances the lines from the upper left.

image by Richard Perry, Linens

Third Place- Very nice photo that makes you stop and speculate.  Straightening the pillar on the left would help as the tilt is distracting. I think there is some detail in the large window that might be brought out to reduce the grey blob effect.

image by Patty Weiss

Honorable Mention- The eyes have it. Great placement of subject and background. Straightening the image would help as the non-vertical line is distracting.

To view all the images from the Winter exhibit, select this link.








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