Janice Borodezt shared her recent awards:
“Little Sisters” has been accepted in the Poetry and Art show scheduled from September 22, 2017. She also received the judges award for her picture “Let’s go Rowing” at the Art of Ocean State at the Wickford Arts Association.

"19 on Paper" Group Show

July 1 - August 5, 2017 -- In the Main Gallery

The Warwick Center for the Arts is pleased to host the members of "19 on Paper," an organization of Southern New England artists who create works of art with or of paper! Members of 19 on Paper include Guild members Paul M. Murray, Hiroko Shikashio, Cindy Wilson, and David DeMelim

July 20 -Aug 20th- Howard Rotblat- Walker will be exhibiting at Imago Gallery

Now to August 11- Members showcase at the Providence Center for Photographic Arts includes many Guild members

Guild members excel at South County Art Association Annual Exhibition

One of the outstanding area exhibition of photographs is being featured until April 1st at the SCAA site. Congratulations to our members who had images accepted and awarded in this impressive event:

Karin Forde Whittemore- 2nd place
Jillian Barber- honorable mention

Exhibiting- Jody Brown, Ben Buglio, Kathy Caswell, Carol Chabot, Barbara Crane, David DeMelim, Lew Keen, J.R. Lynch, Paul Murray, Lenn Rumpler, Pam Sherer

Congratulations to Howard Rotblat-Walker for his image, Primaries #3, Digital photograph/archival print which was selected as the #1 photograph in the Newport Art Museum members show now on display at the museum

Here's some member news:

 - Attleboro Arts Museum Members' Exhibit: Bonnie Jaffe and Lenny Rumpler received Awards of Merit, Howard Rotblat-Walker received a Blick Art Materials Award.

 - There was a nice mention of Howard Rotblat-Walker photos currently at Imago's Small Works exhibit in Channing Gray's review.http://providencejournal.com/entertainmentlife/20161214/gifts-of-beauty-at-ri-art-galleries

 - Howard will be the featured artist in the Attleboro Arts Museum Community Gallery for the month of January. Info is on their website.

Guild Members earn recognition at annual Wickford Photography Exhibition

Congratulations to all Guild members who exhibited in Wickford this year and special acknowledgement to :

Jody Brown- First place image

Jane Viti and Bonnie Jaffe- Honorable mention images


2016-2017 Guild exhibition- September 30th to January 15th

Fifty-nine members of the Guild are participating in our annual exhibition at the Newport Museum of Art. While five images were selected by the judges (as noted below), the creativity and technical skills of our members on display well represent us all.

Judge's Comments
First Place, Empreintes de peau
Eric Hovermale  

Sensuous portrait needs no facial features to convey personality.
Subtle skin tones and willful tendrils suggest a dimension of mystery.
Square format strengthens the image.

Second Place, Wetride
Consuela Woodford

Intriguing story in a small composition.
Close inspection is needed, followed by speculation.
Creative use of light and pattern.

Third Place,   Maxxiview
Howard Rotblat-Walker

Highly original composition leads the viewer to examine spatial relationships.
Gradations of color transcend the quotidian.

Honorable Mention, Spiral Ascent
Marc Jaffe

A new take on a classic subject. The helix, rendered in rich, burnt sienna, is cropped for maximum effect.

Honorable Mention, Ferry to Knoydart
 Jody Brown

A moment in time captured skillfully. Ambiguous human emotions are communicated.

About the judges
Penelope Ross and Ann Franzen

For more than 10 years, Penny Ross and Ann Franzen have been in the judging program of the Garden Club of America, whose photo competitions around the country include subjects beyond the floral world.  They regularly enter juried shows, both in GCA and in open competition.
In their collaboration, they aim to commend the elements of an image that work effectively and make constructive remarks about those that may detract from a presentation.  They have been involved with the photographic division of the Newport Flower Show, as entrants, judges and, in 2016, as co-chairs.

Both of our judges are from Connecticut—Ann lives in Fairfield and Penny in New Canaan.



Congratulations to Carol Chabot for her image Begonia that was awarded first place at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

Guild works with Martin Luther King Center to provide photographs for the community.

In the fall of 2015 Board member Helene Scola coordinated a program with the MLK Center in Newport to provide family portraits for some of the people they serve. Led by Joe Bashour with assistance from Ray Drueke, Debbie Filkins, Don Palen, Howard Scheslinger, and Sue Wermuth about 100 individual portraits and 30 family images were captured and will be printed. Thanks to Howard for sharing the images below that convey the magic Joe and his crew created at the center.

Top left image- Joe; top left- Ray; bottom Joe, Helene and Sue