Exhibition Survey Results 

Thanks to the many members who participated in the survey about exhibitions.  The information will be helpful to the board as we make plans for 2019 and beyond.  Our plan will be to vary the exhibition experience to reflect the survey results.

Here is a summary of the survey results:
1. Where would you most likely participate in an exhibit with an image?
Newport- 14, Middletown or Portsmouth- 2, Jamestown- 1, The mainland- 2, All of the above- 26, On the island or Jamestown- 10 

2. How many Photo Guild exhibitions might you enter a year (September-August)? None-4, One- 6, Two- 20, More than two- 23

3.  If cash prizes are awarded, does this increase the possibility that you would enter an exhibit? Yes-16, No- 37

4.  Does an entry fee affect the possibility that you would participate in an exhibition?  Yes-19, No- 35

5. If exhibits have a theme, would you participate? Yes, I would participate in a themed exhibit- 33, No, I would not participate - 1, My participation would depend on the theme- 14

6.  Which venue do you prefer for exhibiting your work? The Edward King House- 6, The Newport Public Library- 8, Both locations are equal in my opinion- 40

7. How long should exhibits be in place? About a month- 20, About two months- 25, About three months- 8, Longer than three months- 1

8. How do you feel about allowing nonmembers of the Guild to exhibit? I’m okay with nonmembers exhibiting-18, Only Guild members should exhibit- 24, Other- 13

9. Many exhibitions have openings which includes food and drink and comments from the juror.   Which statement reflects your feelings about openings?  Openings as part of a regularly scheduled program would be a nice idea rather than an extra event. -21, Openings should be scheduled in addition to regular programs. - 25, I don’t attend openings- 2


Guild members are invited to send news in to be shared.

Kathy shares image from recent Photo Walk. Thanks Kathy!

Janice Borodezt shares images from St. George too!

Carol Chabot shares images too!

images from Dave Brown