Winter Online Exhibition

Thanks to the Guild members who submitted images to be shared and critiqued.
Thanks to Frank Leith for his comments about the images. Frank is known for traveling the world to capture incredible images of places and people. He has attended numerous workshops and completed countless courses on line to advance his technical and artistic skills. His work can be viewed on his website linked here.

image by Bob Barton

A very busy image.  If the geese are the subject, doing a tight crop of the geese in the center of the ice, where there is a bit of color, might work. The background houses should be cropped out.

image by Bob Barton

Good picture of a turtle.  Could be used for a book illustration.  Darkening the lower right corner and the leaf in the upper left would help as the brightness is distracting. Not much more to say; it's a turtle.


image by John Jordan

Interesting environmental shot.  Juxtaposition of the Goat sign and person with phone makes the image more interesting. There is a lot of ceiling but cropping eliminates the doorway. Perhaps a lower viewpoint would have helped to focus on the person and remove some of the ceiling distraction.

image by John Jordan

Nice environmental shot.  A vertical crop eliminating the fat bodies on either side would focus more on the subject., Or cropping in to eliminate the one on the right might help; it bothers me. I think we can all relate to the women.

image by Patty Weiss

I wonder what she is thinking. I would tone down the arm and cushion brightness as they distract from the face. Perhaps a little fill light from the right to separate the hair from the dark background would help. Nice use of  edge darkening to focus attention.

image by Patty Weiss

Honorable Mention- The eyes have it. Great placement of subject and background. Straightening the image would help as the non-vertical line is distracting.

image by Richard Perry, Avon Window

Second Place -Very nice abstract with strong lines and shadows. The square opening nicely balances the lines from the upper left.

image by Richard Perry, Linens

Third Place- Very nice photo that makes you stop and speculate.  Straightening the pillar on the left would help as the tilt is distracting. I think there is some detail in the large window that might be brought out to reduce the grey blob effect.

image by Sandi King

First Place- Lovely photo that the more I look at it the more I like it. Excellent colors and tones. Very simple and elegant.

image by Kathy Caswell

I'm not sure what the subject of the photo is supposed to be. There are some interesting reflections in the water; I wonder what a long exposure would do. The dim lights on the left are somewhat distracting and don't add to the image.

image by Kathy Caswell

What is the subject? Is it the bright lights and reflections or the setting sun? My eye keeps bouncing around the photo from one bright spot to another.

image by Steve Bienenfeld

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. The bright spot (the moon?) is very distracting and the silhouette is not defined enough for me to understand what it is.  Sorry, the image does nothing for me.


image by Steve Bienenfeld

Very harsh light and the column on the left is distracting. Good attempt to blur the background but it still has too much definition. A crop of just the face with a bit of the cowl might work.

image by Hilja Bergey

Poor birds.  Cropping in from the right and more room to the left would have helped.

Hilja Bergey

Looks as if taken through a window giving poor contrast.  Diffuse blob covering the birds doesn't help. A square crop for the center birds or a crop from the left and more room on the right if the right hand bird is to be included would help.

image by Lew Keen

Very nice with everything in focus.  More room on the right so the glass pieces aren't cut off on their edge would help; or crop in a bit from the right so it doesn't look like a framing error. Including the Thames Glass info is a nice touch.

image by Lew Keen

Very surreal, almost spooky. The image would not be as strong without the person. The bicycle bothers me a bit; I wonder about a crop in from the left to eliminate it and giving more focus on the subject. Good eye!

image by George Lowell, Who's that girl?

Interesting and colorful abstract. Complementary colors add richness and the texture of the diagonal goes well with the smoother blue.

19- image by George Lowell, Rivers of Space and Time

Nice abstract that makes you stop and wonder. Varying textures add lots of interest to a basically monochromatic image.

image by William Peresta

The more you look, the more you see.  Not sure I would want to go into that forest.  Well done B/W.