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Programs take place at the Edward King House, 35 King Street, Newport Rhode Island.  Select this link to view the parking map.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the program begins at 7 PM. unless a different time is listed.  For more information about the Edward King House, select this link.

2021-2022 Schedule

September 8- Making Better Travel Photographs

In this presentation, Ron will be discussing the three main ingredients for better images, attention, intention, and awareness. In addition to images of people, places, and things from around the world, Ron will discuss what photo gear he recommends for different situations, packing for traveling, and how to make the most of travel photos. We look forward to seeing you, in person, for this exciting presentation.


"My work is a positive statement, affirming the beauty that surrounds us.  I find that people get positive energy from seeing my work.  In my own little way, by showing my work as often as I do, I feel I’m making the world a little bit better place to live in." To learn more about Ron, visit his website at   https://www.ronrosenstock.com/

October 13- The True Photographic Process-From Concept to Completion 

The steps to achieving great landscape images. Not all great images are happy accidents; they are created through a process of research, action, review, and refinement. 
The presentation will include next-level techniques utilizing the latest in photographic equipment and editing software to produce images easily, that would have been difficult or even impossible in the past. Of course, one doesn’t need the latest photographic equipment to produce great images, maximizing camera settings and post-processing techniques mimicking the old film masters will be shown.  
We will start with how to find inspiration and the pre planning to get to the right place at the right time. The art of crafting a composition will be discussed for each image, including camera settings and any special techniques used. Also, we will discuss the finishing touches that I did in post-processing. 


Mike has presented programs to the Guild for many years and his knowledge is always shared in an engaging, informative manner. Visit his website at https://www.twistedtreephoto.com/

November 10- Angela C. Brown presents My Cape Cod: The Beauty of the Off-Season

Traditionally speaking ... September through May is considered the off-season on Cape Cod, and with summer being the time when most tourists visit the Cape - naturally most photographs are taken during the months of June, July, and August. And yes, the Cape is lovely during the summer ... But for those of us lucky enough to live on or near the Cape, the off-season can be the most beautiful of all."
Join Angela for an exploration of recent adventures, images from her ongoing Rock Harbor series, and images from her book project, "My Cape Cod: The Beauty of the Off-Season.

To learn more about Angela and her work, visit her web site


Join in celebrating the season with other guild members at the home of Frank and Carole.  Roast turkey and ham will be provided by our hosts and you are invited to bring a dish to add to the meal.  Appetizers, side dishes, desserts are all welcome.  If you prefer to donate $10 towards the event rather than bring a food item, please do so. Bring your own beverage and, if you wish, 3 images to share on a memory stick. 

January 12- Photo Critique

February  9- Creating Books from your Photographs- presented by Adrian Flatgard- details to be shared at a later date


Peter Green is a graphic designer and photographer residing in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. He bikes the small city, documenting Peregrine Falcons and other urban raptors from Red-tailed Hawks nesting on a rusty fire escape to American Kestrels hunting in graffiti-covered alleys.

His wildlife photography has been featured on the American Kestrel Partnership website, published in the Providence Journal, and exhibited in the Washington, DC office of United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI).

His first book “Providence Raptors: Documenting the Lives of Urban Birds of Prey” was published in September 2020.

  Visit Peter's website using this link

April  13- Onne van der Wal presents-  details to be shared at a later date

Fingers crossed the third time will be the charm as Mike was prepared to present this twice, but the pandemic ruled the day!  Photography equipment changes as frequently as the New England weather and Mike's knowledge will enlighten us as to the newest advancements in technology. 

June  8- Photographing Gravestones presented by Lew Keen

Once upon a time, stone rubbings were the way to preserve the details of grave stones but today we know this process does damage and is no longer a good thing to do.  Thanks to digital photography the process of recording the stone is safe for the stones but they present some challenge. The presentation will explain how to capture the best images.  With the aid of computer software, worn details may be brought back to life and artistic prints created. 

2020-2021 Season

The September presentation has been recorded. Use this link to presentation to access the program.

If you missed the presentation, here's a link to the recording

October 14th- Deb Ehrens-  A 'Visual Conversation'  (link to exhibit the presentation is based on)

Use this link to view the recording of the presentation       

Thank you to the many members who shared images.  If you missed the event, use this link to see the recording of the images presented


Winter exhibit awards and presentation recorded and linked here.

March 10th- Black and White Photography- presented by Cindy Wilson

Guild board member Cindy Wilson is a gifted photographer and presenter.  Black and white photography is a basic element of the craft and the presentation should provide ideas for photographers of all skill levels.  For more information about Cindy, visit her website

Use this link to see a recording of the presentation.

April 14th- David DeMelim presents-"Finding your Voice: Exploring the personal project and 5 things not to do at a Gallery Opening"

David is the driving force for the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts and an outstanding photographer. Use the links for more about RICPA and David.

Use this link for the recording of the presentation.


A recording of Keith's presentation is linked here

May 12th- Keith Prue (Art League RI) presents “Inside the Lightbox – discovering diptychs, triptychs and quadcryptics.” Keith explores the arrangement of images within a frame.

also- NPG Members Spring Exhibit awards presentation and comments from juror, Keith Prue

This will be Keith's first visit to the Guild and we eagerly look forward to his presentation.  Information about him and his work can be found using this link.

Keith picked up his first camera at age fourteen in England where he was born and raised. He is a substantially self-taught artist, attending workshops in the USA and overseas with internationally acclaimed master photographer Ernesto Bazan, and studying for two years with the late Ben Lifson, one of the world’s most prominent photography writers and critics. He travels extensively—living and working on four continents and visiting more than fifty countries.

Exhibiting online and showing in group exhibitions in the USA and Mexico, his photographs are held in private collections in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, UK and France. Keith is an Elected Artist Gallery Member and Board Member of Art League RI, and an Exhibiting Member of the RI Center for Photographic Arts. He resides in Rhode Island, USA.

A recording of Bill's program is linked here.

June 9th- Bill Clark presents  pho·tog·ra·phy– “Drawing with light”

During this talk, Bill will discuss his journey in exploring and developing Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) with a variety of subjects and creative techniques. As a photographer and a calligrapher, Bill uses the camera as his pen, and light as the ink, to not just take a photograph, but to draw a photograph. From basic, in camera capture, to double exposures, to Photoshop manipulation, to stunning cell phone effects, each image suggests its own unique expression.

Visit Bill's web sites to learn more about his work:



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