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2018-2019 Schedule of Presentations and Events

Check back for program updates and additions.

Programs will take place at the Edward King House, 35 King Street, Newport Rhode Island
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Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the program begins at 7 p.m..

Visit Visit our Land and Sea exhibit in the Edward King House or online

December 20th- Opening of New Beginnings- 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

January 9- Photo Critique- Guild members are invited to submit up to three images to be projected during the meeting.  Mike Rice, an experienced photographer, will share comments about each image presented and respond to questions.  This is a great way of getting feedback on your images.  Please use this guide to prepare images to share.

January 11th- Photo pick up in Providence- New Beginnings

February Photowalk

February 13- Spotlight on Members- This annual program showcases the work of two guild members.  It's always interesting to see what our members are creating, hear why they created it and perhaps learn the images were created.

Jody Brown and Rich Hudson will share their work and thoughts for this presentation.  Both have been active photographers and Guild members with a unique eye for capturing people and places.

To see Rich's work, visit his website linked here.

March Photowalk

March 13- Serena Charlebois Presents- “What was old is new, the hand colored image”
This is Serena's signature style, and what she has built her business on. She will speak of the hand-colored portrait and how that has transitioned into her fine art and exhibition work culminating in "the Shape of Beauty” collection and book.

She is certified by the Professional Photographers of America, and has earned both her Master Photographer degree and Photographic Craftsman degree. Serena has received national recognition for her ability to capture emotional and natural portraits of children and their families.  Link for more information about Serena and her work

April Photowalk

April 10Capturing the Mysteries of The Ancient Ones, Ancestral Puebloans presented by Mike and Tammy Rice
The presentation will showcase images taken over several years from the 4 corners area (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico). The pictures of the villages and cities of the Ancestral Puebloans range from the five and six-stories height majestic temples to the castle-like fortifications built into the sides of cliffs, only reachable by rock climbing, ropes, and ladders. Their civilization flourished from 100 to 1300 AD. During this time the population in the 4 corners region was actually greater than it is today. Very little is known about these people, hence the mystery.

We were initially drawn from curiosity to explore and document these historic sites, but Ansel Adams work inspired us to try and capture in our images the mysteries of this lost civilization.   Composition, lighting, lens perspective, camera settings, and post-processing techniques will be shown that we used to transform the scenes. Simply, our thought process from capture to print. And, yes I will have prints with me.
Look forward to seeing everyone.

Michael and Tammy Rice

May Photowalk

May-June 30th- Newport Photographers' Guild annual members exhibit - Details are still being discussed for an exciting new format. 

May 8- Beyond Photoshop and Lightroom: The Magic of Mike Guertin

Photoshop and Lightroom are great. But if you crave more, this selective
survey of special purpose image editing software might be just what you're
looking for. Mike's 'chaos to composition' approach to making images will
take you to some very strange places indeed.  Check out mixedstreamgraphics.com for Mike's most recent work

Mike continues to push the digital boundaries of creativity and innovation.  It's always exciting to see and hear where he is in his art.

June Photowalk

June 12

July- picnic-date and time to be determined later

July Photowalk

August Photowalk

Before monthly programs some members have dinner at Griswold's at 103 Bellevue Avenue in Newport. All members are welcomed. Simply show up at about 5:30pm and join the group.

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