Juror’s Statement- Keith Prue

What a real delight to look at the pictures from the Newport Photo Guild. With approximately 80% using the color medium, the work covered a broad spectrum of styles and subject matter. Some of them were joyful, full of the hope and optimism that I suspect we all share in the current times, and others more measured. As with all selections of this type, my picks are purely personal, and maybe say as much about me as they do about the submitted artists. My eye is drawn to strong forms, but not overwhelming content. I’m also attracted to pictures that ask more questions than provide answers and have a veil of mystery and intrigue.

1st –Mardi Gras

by George Lowell

I have no idea what “it” is – and this is part of the delight of the picture. Exploding with life and vitality, with a rich palette and strong constructed lines, creating movement, energy and space. The pareidolia phenomenon (to see face-like structures in inanimate objects), gives the impression of a hooded figure, adorned by a triangular hat; alternatively, the main vertical yellow line is like a firework soaring through the air to the wild joy and liberation of the onlookers.

2nd – Window View

by Ellen Washburn Martin

A simple moment, and one easy to miss. The man with the headdress seemingly opening the doorway of their ancestral home inviting us inside. And what of the upmost face, like a hierarchical lineage. The edge of the drapes appearing as two ropes ready to be scaled. Yet to all intents a regular Northeastern home, albeit dappled with sunlight echoed in the window reflections of the deep blue ski and the blossoms, a few of which are nestled on the window ledge.


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3rd – E Le Bond

by Eric Hovermale

Floating in space and time, this “A” figure feels like an introduction - an announcement of something to follow. The folds and drape of the background adding to the illusion of suspension–holding a moment is which we take a breath–to pause and look and wonder. The black form so dominant, so arresting, that even the outline has its own rhythm.  

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Honorable Mention- Blast Off

by Jack Heller

Without having read the title, I felt drawn into an intra-galactic battle. Whilst not a fan of science fiction, this picture for me symbolizes travel at warp speed. As Ellsworth Kelly said, “If you turn off the mind and look at things only with your eyes, ultimately everything becomes abstract.” And this happens with this picture for me – so much so that I really have no idea what the object is. With that said, the balance and construction within the frame I find very pleasing.


Honorable Mention- Secrets

by Marc Jaffe

The title “Secrets” may be intended to depict what’s hidden the other side of the door, but there is more to be revealed outside. What caused the green tide mark, and why does it stop abruptly? Where are the red and blue hoses going? Presumably agricultural in nature, how and where does it exactly fit in? The picture is nicely framed with the pipes and row of cinder blocks on the top of the frame, and then there is a frame within the frame, and colors echoed from the fork to the green tide, and the hose to the door.

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Honorable Mention – Miss Manatee Gets Ready to Party

by George Lowell

A fascinating and possibly disturbing (depending on your interpretation) picture. To me it clearly reads as a person, with the two eyes and distinct jaw line. The title suggests readiness for a party, but it could equally be a doctor getting ready for their next surgical procedure or eye examination. Yet what to make of the apparent sheep-like texture, or the mysterious air bubbles or nighttime stars. Also, my eye is drawn to look around the whole frame–a good thing–and this keeps the motif and my seeing active and engaged.

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Honorable Mention – Sand Fog by Paul Murray

At first glance what appears a grounded landscape takes on another perspective on closer examination. The strong diagonal, creating a form similar to a national flag, divides the real with the surreal. Akin to the reality of the trees and their backdrop, and the illusion, in this case of distant forms apparently
floating in clouds, gives visual depth to an otherwise flat layering of space.

Honorable Mention – Yellow Dress with Tulip

by Ellen Washburn Martin

Subtle and gorgeous highlights surround this pious beauty. The angle of the tulip’s head counterbalancing the tilt in the hips, and the demur and graceful clasp of the hands mirrored by the slender rising leaves. The slight twist in the table top providing enough relief to carry the centered main subject.

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Spring Anticipations by Dave Brown

Budding Out by Jody Brown

Old Man Tree by Jody Brown


Potter Hill Mill by Ben Buglio

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Reflections by Colleen Conly

The Goldfish by Colleen Conley

Guarding the Fog by Eileen Conragan

Love in the Shadow by Eileen Conragan

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Mother Daughter Puja by Barbara Crane

Multiverse by Barbara Crane

The Start of the Race by Alyce Croasdale

Reflections on a Sunday Afternoon by Alyce Croasdale

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Lupines Appear by Nancy Driggs

Spring Reflections and Spring Buds by Nancy Driggs

End of the Line by John Heller

The Acolyte by Eric Hovermale

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Reflective by Bonnie Jaffe

Waiting by Bonnie Jaffe

Barn on Foggy Morning by Marc Jaffe

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Samburu Woman by Carole Kenny

Theater Organ Jane Pickens by Carole Kenny

Daffodil by Eric Klos

Merganser Lunch by Eric Klos

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Block Island by Frank Leith

What is Our There by Frank Leith

Shell Expanse by Andy Lowen

Triple Vision by Andy Lowen

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Clarity by Marilyn Moffatt

Is Anybody up there? by Marilyn Moffatt

Reunited by Paul Murray

Rigging by Bill Peresta

Solitude by Bill Peresta

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Couple by David Pinkham

The Hand by David Pinkham

Christmas Cactus by Howard Schlesinger

Pansy by Howard Schlesinger

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Looking up Looking Down by Darlene Walsh

Reaching for Light by Darlene Walsh

Light at the Top of the Stairs by Cindy Wilson

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